Labrador Retriever Training Tips

Labrador retrievers may look big in size; they are definitely like the Dalmatians or the Poodles. But when it comes to a house dog there’s little to beat this breed. They are known as the children pets as these dogs can spend long hours playing with children or stay cuddled ion their comfort. Coming in shades of black, yellow or chocolate, these dogs which are knows as the Labs too have become the most sought after family pet.

No matter what the breed of a dog is, it does need some training. Often this is an area which is sadly neglected by many and the Labrador Retriever Dog training takes a back seat. Why is it so? It is said that the young Lab pups are so sweet when they are young that people tend to neglect on how to train a Lab retriever when they are young. The line of thinking could be whether these sweet things do require any training at all. That could be said for most of the other pups too. With time however things change. The pup grows into a healthy adult dog and one suddenly starts to wish how nice it would have been if the Lab was a bit well behaved too. Well! One has missed the bus here. Training a Lab should be done when the dog is a pup keeping in mind that Labradors are not that easy to train.

Labradors like most dogs are best trained when they are pups. As pups they grow up with the environment and recognize people and things from day one. This is not the same scenario if one were to suddenly bring an adult Lab into the house. Most of the training is imparted to Labs when they are young. What one does when the pup gets trained is to make it a house trained dog. In other words the Lab knows the way around the house and also the rules and regulations.

When a Labrador grows up they could weigh as much as 75lb and could stand about 2 feet tall. This is the general specification for a male Lab. A female Lab almost has the same height as the male though weighs a bit less. So there’s not much saying between a male and a female Labrador.

Training a Labrador pup could be just like bringing up a child. Just like a young new born child does not know the right from the wrong or the good from the bad, so does a Labrador too. These canines are so cute to cuddle and play with that one gets to lose the necessity of training.

Training is just about the dog understanding when he is doing something wrong and that it should be stopped. Training should be consistent and same words must be repeated over and over again so that the dog gets to understand them. Words like ‘good’ and ‘no’ or ‘bad’ can be used till the Lab puppy gets to recognize their meaning. The pup should be taught where his things are, the timings of food, their periodicity and where nature’s calls should be done. If this aspect is not trained, it is pretty much evident that the house will not retain the clean look it had before. And no one really wants a messy house.

The simple idea of the Labrador retriever training is not to overlook the mistake the dog may be indulging in. Once this is allowed to continue, getting the dog not to do those things is going to be a Herculean task. Dog training must start at the right time, when the dog is still a pup.