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Buddy is one of the sweetest and loving young labs that we have ever met. His owners got Buddy and his brother as puppies and Buddy has been a loved and cherished family member. About two years ago, Buddy started having seizures (epilepsy). The family has three young children and are not in a position to provide the appropriate care for Buddy. While they love Buddy very much, the family is placing him with GGLRR to find a home that is a better fit.

Brutus loves to play ball and can do it for hours non-stop. Even in the house, he will ask you to play. If there are no balls, then Brutus will play with socks. He will find any socks lying around and loves throwing them into the air and catching them again. It is heartwarming to see how happy he can be with this game! Millie will play a bit, particularly if Brutus is playing and she wants to play with him (with the ball, or the socks!). Brutus is a bit more timid and highly affectionate. Less than a week with us, he gently weeps when he sees one of us leave, and welcomes us back home as if he has known us forever and not seen us in years. He will then shadow whoever returned asking for affection. He will move his head up to be scratched under the chin.

Ive been a Lab man for over 45yrs now they are with out a doubt the most loyal companion a person can have.I am working on my first chocolate lab,maggie she was born to her black mother also my dog 1 1/2 yrs ago there were two chocolate pups in a litter of 10.From the minute they were born the two chocolate pups were stronger and smarter than the black pups.Maggie has been a piece of cake to train picks things up as soon as she is asked she has taught me how to hunt smarter she will retrieve anything,a lot faster than my other two black labs who are bigger she will work any type of brush no matter how thick or steep and her nose is soo good nothing gets passed by she flushes game out of the thick stuff after other dogs have gone thru,She is the best guard dog I have ever had very protective ,I feel safe at night knowing she would with out a doubt sink her teeth in any stranger sneaking into the house at night she has taught my older dogs how to do everything better even staying on the property.I can not wait for her to have pups so i can get another chocolate Lab they are awesome!!

The first St. John’s dog was said to be brought to England in or around 1820, but the breed’s reputation had already spread to England; there is a story that the 2nd Earl of Malmesbury saw a St. John’s dog on a fishing boat and immediately made arrangements with traders to have some of these dogs imported to England. These ancestors of the first labradors so impressed the Earl with their skill and ability for retrieving anything within the water and on shore that he devoted his entire kennel to developing and stabilising the breed.[17]

In the UK, if you visit a driven pheasant shoot or a grouse moor, you’ll see black Labs vastly outnumbering their yellow cousins. Brown dogs are few and far between.  This is starting to change, but only just.

7) They are less “one person” than a Lab, and have a tendency to be flakey and run up to everyone they see and treat that person as their long lost best friend- I hate this, personally, but I know others like it. This is the one thing I don’t like about Goldens.

Labrador Retrievers have short, water-resistant double coats. They are somewhat heavy, seasonal shedders, but Labrador Retrievers don’t need much in the way of professional grooming. Plan to brush them about once a week and bathe them as needed.

I have a 4 and a half year old yellow lab and we enjoy every minute with him. He loves hiking and food very good family dog and well behaved couldn’t as for a better dog. His name is Jersey and he’s a male..

Labradors tend to get bored when left alone indoors for too long. This can lead to listlessness and destructiveness from all the unspent energy and lack of attention. This breed is happiest and healthiest with plenty of exercise and outdoor play.

They are so soft-mouthed that they can carry a raw egg in their mouths without breaking it. Given these positive traits, Labs are ideal family dogs, providing loyal companionship to adults and children.

Labs typically live between 10 to 14 years old and many factors can impact your labrador’s lifespan. First, genetics play an important factor. Some labs are health screened; some are not. The most common types of health screening include hip scores and eye tests. Ask the breeder directly if your puppy’s parents have been screened for health conditions. Various health screenings may include: The Optigen Test which screens for blindness, the CNM which tests for Autosomal Recessive Centronuclear Myopathy, an inherited neuromuscular disorder, EIC Exercise Induced Collapse, which tests for loss of muscle control during exercise and Macular Corneal Dystrophy (MCD), a painful eye condition. Second, the color of your labrador–whether it’s yellow, chocolate or black–will not impact lifespan. Third, adding a fence to your property helps labs live a longer life because they’re safer, controlled space. Fourth, proper training, such as training your lab to come when called, can help keep your pet safe, which helps with a longer life. Finally, vaccinations help prevent serious diseases which can shorten your labrador’s lifespan. 

What Mozzie’s owner says: Mozzie is a very friendly, loving dog that loves attention and would love to sit on your lap. He is great with my eight-year-old daughter; he does get excited and forget his size around smaller kids. Mozzie loves to run and play fetch; he will bring the ball back to you. He lives with two other dogs, is very friendly with other dogs he has met at the park and playdates. Mozzie does get excited when he sees other dogs when out for a walk on a leash. We have cats that live in the house; he is fine with them, if he sees a cat, squirrel, or rabbit in the yard he will chase them. Mozzie has had basic training and understands quite a few commands. He will sit and wait nicely for his food. Mozzie spends his day in the house when I am at work, he is crate trained, but he does not need to be crated when left alone. Like most labs, Mozzie loves the water. One thing to know about Mozzie he does like socks, and he will eat them.

I really think a large part of this is training and not the color of their fur. Im not a professional trainer by any stretch (first dog in quite awhile) but I have worked with Bailey to some extent everyday since we got her at 7.5 weeks old. She makes it very easy as well. She was following basic commands at a very young age and completely house broke in a few short weeks. She has pretty much always retrieved since she wa big enough to carry whatever was being thrown. She now at 4 months is retrieving from the water and I am very proud of her. I will be starting double retreives soon and have no worries. Did I mention we got her from a couple that just bred their two chocolates for the first time? Not experienced breeders or anything, just had a couple of good dogs and they took great care of them and the puppies. For me, black, yellow, chocolate, I love them all.

Breeders must agree to have all test results, positive or negative, published in the CHIC database. A dog need not receive good or even passing scores on the evaluations to obtain a CHIC number, so CHIC registration alone is not proof of soundness or absence of disease, but all test results are posted on the CHIC website and can be accessed by anyone who wants to check the health of a puppy’s parents. If the breeder tells you she doesn’t need to do those tests because she’s never had problems in her lines and her dogs have been “vet checked,” then you should go find a breeder who is more rigorous about genetic testing.

all 3 colours are great and i absolutely love the breed. i know a lot of people with yellow labs and currently i think overall the yellow lab is the most popular. I own a chocolate lab and I’ve had him for almost a year. he has been the absolute best pet anyone would ever wish for, and though i don’t have much knowledge about the yellow or black labs, chocolate labs are my favorite. mine is very playful and really smart. he has been really easy to train and is very cuddly. i definitely recommend chocolate labs.

Generally speaking, Labradors are healthy. They can develop certain inherent conditions, along with cataracts and kneecap displacement, but will remain healthy overall. As long as they are taken to their vet appointments with regularity, Labs will usually feel just fine.

Chocolate Labradors, once considered the “ugly duckling” of the three colors of this retriever breed, are nowadays considered one of the most beautiful. With their endearing personalities and willingness to please, the chocolate Lab, along with the black and yellow Lab, has earned the top spot in the hearts of millions.

My golden English lab is such a sweet heart! Couldn’t live without him!(nor could my beagle) His name is Barney and he is so clever! Everywhere we go people adore him, which I’m not surprised about. He is such a lovely gentle creature who just loves to be around you. He’s a big boy and the perfect guard dog which people are often shocked about. He is a great dog and I advice anyone to get one !

Avoid breeders who only seem interested in how quickly they can unload a puppy on you and whether your credit card will go through. You should also bear in mind that buying a puppy from websites that offer to ship your dog to you immediately can be a risky venture, as it leaves you no recourse if what you get isn’t exactly what you expected. Put at least as much effort into researching your puppy as you would into choosing a new car or expensive appliance. It will save you money in the long run.

I have a chocolate lab named Bailey and she is now 18 weeks old. She is VERY intelligent and for her age, very obedient. We had her at the vet not too long ago and there were adult dogs running around, pulling their owners, and being crazy. Bailey at 4 months old either sat or laid there and looked at them. Sure, she would of loved to run around with them but she knew she wasnt allowed.

The Flattie has a high cancer rate and their gene pool is small. Luckily, it’s not something I spend a lot of time thinking about except when I see the proliferation of show Labs in parks here, usually overweight and with shorter legs than the working Labs. Don’t understand why they are more common than the working ones.

Dozer the Labrador Retriever at 3 years old—”Dozer is my best friend, he goes everywhere with me. Some of his favorite places to go are anywhere he can swim, dog park, hiking, the beach, doggy day care, swimming, DockDogs, swimming, and in case I didn’t mention it, swimming. As I just mentioned Dozer and I love competing in DockDogs. His farthest jump is 17ft and we are working on Speed Retrieve. We are also going to start Agility and Flyball classes soon; both of us are super excited about that. Dozer also loves learning new tricks some of his favorites are sit handsomely (that’s where he sits up) circle, How was your day (he will bark saying it’s been real rough), Play dead, hold it (he will hold just about anything in his mouth), and crawl (just to name a few). I love my doggy soul mate.”

At 2 years he has reached or is very near full maturity, so no need to limit activity like you would for a puppy. Therefore, so long as he is fit and healthy, 6 and 8 miles is truly nothing. Labs were bred to be walking, running, swimming and retrieving ALL DAY, over very harsh and rough terrain in the Scottish Highlands. If fit and healthy, he will be able to outperform any human in any physical activity. It’s not too much for him.

Seriously, what’s not to like? Okay, if you want a laid-back lapdog, the Labrador Retriever’s not for you. But a person or family with an active lifestyle would be lucky to invite a Lab into their home.

Max has very good house manners and quickly learned to respect boundaries like the kitchen and front door threshold. He’s not a counter surfer but like most puppies, will steal a fuzzy slipper or shoe if you’re not careful. He enjoys his nylabone and seems to just be learning about how to play with other toys. Right now, he prefers to play by interacting with people, but suspect he will eventually grow into toy play, too. Oh, and the hose¬¬–Max loves to play in hose water!

I have a choc lab puppy of two and a half months old and we brought him home 2 weeks ago. I would have preferred if he is with his mom for a little while more; but owner had many ready buyers and would have sold him anyway.

Do you have any friends with older dogs that have a calm and balanced temperament? That aren’t too boisterous? If so, you could try to organize lots of time for your dog and theirs to spend together. Hopefully this time with other dogs in situations you can more readily control will create a good learning environment where the older dogs let him know how to behave and how to react around other dogs.

I have 2 beautiful blacks labs who are liter mates. Molie Jo is super smart but more submissive to Butter, her brother and Jackson, my border collie/healer mix. Butter is a good 6 inches taller and is mild mannered and talks…a lot. It is not barking…it is like he is seriously talking to you. Is this common for labs? I have seen videos of huskies talking and although I don’t think he is pure bred, he is definitely dominantly lab. Is this talking common?

There’s truth in that, or it wouldn’t be an old saying. Well bred Goldens can (and do) do all the same jobs as Labs, but they seem to take longer to bring along to the same level. That’s one reason Labs are the go-to breed for field trialers and US gov’t. agencies requiring detection dogs & etc..

I grew up with black labs and I am currently owning my 3rd black lab. When I was 2 my 13 year old dog passed away, then we got another the following year. The 1st was named Remy, then we got Roscoe who passed away 2 years ago at 8. Our current dog is Riggs, and he is a 1 and and half old. All the labradors we have owned have been male black labs. I recommend black labradors because of my experience with them, but all lab types are great dogs and extremely loyal.

This breed tends to be very active. They were bred to be working dogs and need exercise. A daily walk and a weekly run should help assuage their energy levels. Yellow Labs also need a fair amount of mental activity as well; they like to stay sharp. Challenging toys and puzzles, plus fun games, will keep your dog’s mind engaged.

The perfect Lab doesn’t spring fully formed from the whelping box. He’s a product of his background and breeding. Whatever you want from a Lab, look for one whose parents have nice personalities and who has been well socialized from early puppyhood.

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  1. Whimsical at its best. Came well packaged, no damage and they seem well built. Only thing I noticed is that instead of glass, they use a thin sheet of plastic to cover the picture. However, since the photo is so small, it doesn’t detract from the design.
    It’s quite usual for overweight dogs to pant heavily and for old dogs to slow down, so I don’t think there’s too much to worry about. However…please ask the advice of your vet (which it sounds like you already have!) A good vet will be able to give you exercise tips, or at least peace of mind if you describe the situation.
    Begin accustoming your Goldador to being brushed and examined when he’s a puppy. Handle his paws frequently – dogs are touchy about their feet – and look inside his mouth and ears. Make grooming a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and you’ll lay the groundwork for easy veterinary exams and other handling when he’s an adult.
    Around the house, Labs are animated and good-natured, playing well with children and other dogs. They like to be involved in family occasions, joining social gatherings in an easygoing way, and they are pretty good about sharing and respecting space.

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