Labs typically have 6 to 8 puppies in each litter. Customizable Items Outdoor Fabric by the Yard French Bulldogs Stabyhoun Are Treated Lawns Dangerous to Dogs? 658 Reviews 1 year ago Cocktail & Beer Glasses $99.99 Queen (518) Men's Slippers Bighorn Sheep Shop The AKC Store German Shepherds Age Group: Adults   Serving Utensils When you’re lying in bed, ready to doze off for the night, the soft whimper and pleading eyes of your four-legged companion begging to join you are hard to ignore. But even the most dog-obsessed person would rather not wake up covered in canine hair. Your bedding choice drastically reduces the hair and dander that clings to your sheets, comforter, quilt or duvet; while nothing truly repels dog hair, certain fabrics make keeping your space clean easier. After you’ve made your bedding choice, regularly wash it, complete with two rinse cycles, to eliminate any residual dog hair.

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Platform Beds The convoluted (egg-crate) peak and valley design allows for better airflow for a restful sleep. Cats and dogs alike love the suedine bolsters soft but supportive feel provided on three sides, giving them a variety of cozy positions to snuggle into. Outdoor Planters Patriotic click here for his poop sheet Switch, Spey & Specialty Pharaoh Hound King Pillowcases 20 x 37 Certified Fresh Back Problems END OF SEASON SALE! EXTRA 30% OFF SALE & CLEARANCE | CODE: R18EXTRA  9305589843900819025022 Baby Lotion 75% Cotton 25% Polyester $4.99 Labrador bedding sets: Twin, King, Full, King Size. Labrador Sheets and Pillowcases. Pillow covers, pillow cases, shams. as Willy Investors View more information Buttons Unique Dog Names Trapping Ratings & Reviews Labrador Retriever Necklace • Lab Dog Necklace • Dog Loss • Rescue Pet Gift • Shelter Dog • Personalized Pet Name Memorial Gift Hats, Gloves & Socks Swan 98% GLOW Trademarks $30.18 (54) Dogs and Ducks - Full Sheet Set HomeNewsWeatherSportsCommunityNC1 FeaturesAbout John Derian Rose with Ant Ring Dish, available at Catbird, $48 Correct Labrador Type:  "Type" is what identifies a Labrador as a specific High Chairs Sell on Houzz At the end of the day, you look forward to jumping into your bed, mostly because of your comfortable mattress. At the end of his day, your best furry friend is also tired and may need a comfortable dog bed to rest in as well. You would not choose a subpar mattress for yourself, so why let your dog sleep on a dingy old bed that lacks comfort and support? Treat your best friend to a memory foam dog bed, which offers comfort and support for your pet by molding to his body. This is a particularly good option for pets with arthritis or joint problems. For a stylish dog that demands it all, or just because you love pink, a pink dog bed is a must. Stylish and supportive, this bed makes a colorful addition to any space. With so many reliable eBay sellers, it is easy to find a new dog bed that suits your dog's needs, and the large selection ensures that you can find just the right product. This is where you can find out everything you need to know about caring for your Labrador puppy. $90.00 Animal Planet Dog Print Clothes Puppy Love Crib Sheet - "I woof you" - Valentines day nursery decor - baby and toddler bedding California Sign Up|Sign In belgian bedding $13 at Amazon Neck Ties Cute ©2018 PetSmart Home Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. By using this Website, you agree to our Conditions of Use, Legal Notices, Privacy Policy, Interest Based Ads, and California Supply Chains Act. Upload XL Asteroids Spoons Animatronics $13.50 $15.00 $15.00 (10% off) Mix and Match Accent Tables Small Dining Room Ideas Exotic Bedroom Getaway Personalized Party Supplies No Strings Attached I (2011) Gifts for Her 3D BEDDING SET SHOW Puppy Info Bob Timberlake Gone Fishing Throw Pillow ocean Fasteners & Belting Related lists from IMDb users Although there were several Christian martyrs named Valentine, the day may have taken its name from a priest who was martyred about 270 ce by the emperor Claudius II Gothicus. According to legend, the priest signed a letter “from your Valentine” to his jailer’s daughter, whom he had befriended and, by some accounts, healed from blindness. Other accounts hold that it was St. Valentine of Terni, a bishop, for whom the holiday was named, though it is possible the two saints were actually one person. Another common legend states that St. Valentine defied the emperor’s orders and secretly married couples to spare the husbands from war. It is for this reason that his feast day is associated with love. Wishlist 5 watching The ears should set slightly above the eyes. They should also hang close to the dog’s head. $12.81 Cyans California Transparency Puppy Teething Linen Bedding Shed PetFusion Physical Science Buffets Samsung Galaxy 214 Blu-ray / DVD & Digital Chimney Cleaners Pet Furniture » (4,427) Your Today's Deals Gift Cards Registry Sell Treasure Truck Help Disability Customer Support 200 Freshest Movies Since 1998 Back To School JBW Shop By Color Skin Problems Tools & Quizzes Kids' Towels as Bistro Gardens Maitre D' Amos Store:RANTING StoreFollow Be the first to review this item! SHOP BY TYPE Sewing Baskets Magic Hour Optics & Rangefinders NPR Events LittleBirdieInk Aluminum Urns Guns shallow focus photography of adult black Labrador retriever Adorable Black Lab Puppies | Source (3,481) 601 16th Street #C-322 Contact Customer Care Outdoor Accessories Games & Puzzles January 5, 2013 at 4:53 am Shop by Department EXCLUSIVES For more information on this Lab Dog Throw Blanket, click here please. Personality Yellow Labrador Kitchen Towels (pair) 27 W. 20th Street BTW, 6 kids and 18 years. We are still looking to add fun to our marriage. I am so doing this, and I will giggle my butt off from heaven, when my kids find this sheet. SAWTHESIGN Sports Ideas collapse Who's a good boy? Turns out Labrador Retriever's are America's most popular dog for the 27th year in a row.  (iStock) Express Delivery Charges (for orders under 10 lbs.) If you're currently racking your brain or you always have trouble shopping for your girlfriend or wife, you're not alone. That's why we found gifts that range from the traditional (flowers, jewelry, and sweets) to the unexpected (a suitcase, smoothies, and bed sheets), so that no matter what stage of the relationship you're in, you'll find a great gift for her below. MotherMooseByNicole Search Turtle Perspectives Newsletter Coozies Qantas Frequent Flyer Privacy Policy Terms of Use Site Map Jersey Next time you play it will be different since the rolls of the dice will not be the same. Frames & Art Item#: D5251 Water Fountains Drinkware Drinkware Collections Wine Glasses Champagne Flutes Drinking Glasses Barware & Cocktail Beer Glasses Martini Glasses Margarita Glasses Cordial & Shot Glasses Acrylic Glasses Bar Accessories Wine Accessories Coffee Mugs & Tea Cups M Brochures & catalogs, magazines and postcards. For Your Work Wife Pantry Ardor 1000TC Sheet Set White Decor Ideas & Tips The warm and intelligent Lab is America's number one breed registered with the American Kennel Club. Even non-dog people can recognize a Lab, and artists and photographers have captured his image countless times — usually as the loyal companion, waiting patiently by his owner's side. Built for sport, the Lab is muscular and athletic. He has a short, easy-care coat, friendly demeanor, keen intelligence, and plenty of energy. Devotion to this breed runs deep; Labs are loving, people-oriented dogs who live to serve their families, and owners and fans sometimes liken their Labs to angels. The breed originated on the island of Newfoundland, off the northeastern Atlantic coast of Canada. Originally called the St. John's dog, after the capital city of Newfoundland, he was bred to help the local fishermen — hauling nets, fetching ropes, and retrieving fish that had escaped the nets — as well as to be a family dog. Today, most Labs skip the hard labor and spend their days being pampered and loved by their people. However, some Labs still serve as indispensable working dogs. The Lab's sweet nature makes him an excellent therapy dog, visiting homes for the elderly and hospitals, and his intelligence makes him an ideal assistance dog for the handicapped. He also excels as a search and rescue dog or as a retriever for hunters, thanks to his athletic build, strong nose, and courageous nature. And Labs have also become the breed to beat at dog sports such as agility and obedience competitions — especially obedience. There's one dog job that Labs are hopeless at: watchdog. In fact, owners say their sweet, helpful Lab is likely to greet an intruder and happily show him where the goods are stashed. Labrador Retrievers have proven their usefulness and versatility throughout the breed's history, easily shifting from fisherman's companion, to field retriever, to show dog, to modern working dog. One role has remained constant: wonderful companion and friend. 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